Saison Vermouth ‘Blackcurrant Leaf’


If you've ever been to restaurant Embla, you've been amazed by both the wine list and the food. So be prepared to be wowed again. Owner and Head Chef, Dave Verheul (formerly Town Mouse) has ramped up production of his vermouth which was, before lockdown, only served in his restaurant. 

So if we have one thing to thank this pandemic for, it's giving Dave the time to make delicious drops, bottle them and ship over to us! Thanks team. 

These seasonal, small-batched vermouths are delicious and well worth investigating before they are sold out. Light, refreshing and served best on ice and fleshed out with tonic or soda water.

Blackcurrant Leaf is a savoury mixed of blackcurrant leaves, ginger, unripe figs, dried Meyer lemon and two different kinds of Australian wormwood before being Barrel aged.