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Wine Club Discovery Pack


With so many delicious wines coming through in the New Year, we’ve decided to add another pack all about the latest and greatest to hit our shelves. This allows you to try different cuvées from the same producer and vintage. Sometime’s it’s really rewarding to sit down with a group of winelovers and go through a producers entire release. That is what this is pack is for!

So we’ve got some new wines in from a classic Catalan producer Amós Bañeres and Els Vinyerons and some absolutely brand spanking new wines from up and coming winemakers Jim Brown & Lauren Yap from Brood Fermentation in Nelson, New Zealand.

Without further ado:

2018 Els Vinyerons ‘Pregadéu’ Mèthode Ancestral Cava

2019 Els Vinyerons ‘Llurena’ Xarel-Lo

2020 Brood Fermentation ‘Playfight’ Pinot Gris (on skins)

2020 Brood Fermentation ‘Nuka’ Pinot Noir (carbonic) / Pinot Gris (on skins)

2019 Els Vinyerons ‘Saltamarti’ Tempranillo Grenache

2019 Amós Bañeres ‘Vinya Oculta’ Xarel-Lo (on skins)

We would drink these in the above order, all chilled and see how they evolve. Go on, grab some friends, all pitch in and make a thing of it. These wines are all ridiculously delicious and should always be shared. From fun and fizzy, to crisp and clean, from textured and orange, to juicy and red, to rich and oxidative... this pack really has it all.  

Time to start a wine club...