STAFF PICK: Emile's Fav 3 Pack


STAFF PICK: Emile's Fav 3 Pack

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Emile's top three wines at the moment are:

2018 Les Bottes Rouge 'Castor' Chardonnay

This is really good Chardonnay from the Jura, which is in east France about 19000 kilometres away, but you don’t have to go anywhere to get it, it can travel to you. Furthermore this wine will make you travel, back to the bottle, to pour another glass. Drinking it kinda feels like eating grapes, a sort of density that gives way to elegance as it pops open. White flower and peach pair nicely with the sort of oxidated peary element. You probably don’t need to engage in much activity whilst quaffing this bottle of ispay just concentrate on enjoying it but if you must distract yourself I paired it with the film Rockers last time, it was great, and if I may say anything definitive it would be that the film did not make the wine taste any different.

2019 Domain Sextant 'Coteaux Bourguignons' Gamay/Pinot Noir

I have recently been fishing lots. Fishing has good views not like my other sport. This wine is good for fishing. My mum said it was like a placenta of fruit suspended in mineral water? No clue how to interpret that. It changes drastically with each glass, starts out bright n light n ends up rich n earthy. An immersive drinking experience, choose your own adventure really, have it cold, warm, preprandial (in both its medicinal and humorous context), before a sumptuous repast, during a wassail or after a potlatch, your call really.

2019 BK 'Gower' Pinot Noir

A while ago me n dad toyed with the idea of a new ‘sport’ which involved sitting at benches that would have a lovely view but are hindered by an ill placed bush or other miscellaneous foliage. Having not trademarked it as an official event within the sporting world its impossible to dictate the popularity of sitting at a scenic bench with compromised scenery. If you do find yourself in this awkward predicament it is recommended to employ a beverage to alleviate the sombreness of the situation or enhance the excitement. If this is the case then look no further than Bk Wines 2019 Gower single vineyard pinot noir. It seems some of these south Australian wines take on a eucalyptus influence from neighbouring plant life which pairs really nicely with the dark, rich, savoury fruit. Bound together by bright, concentrated acidity and nearly a year in French oak the wine is well balanced. It’s high levels of drinkability means it, surprisingly, wont last as long as your passion for your new found favourite shit sport.



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