Brasserie des Voirons 'Bière Vivante de Terre' 750ml


A special release from La Brasserie des Voirons. A micro brewery run by the lovely Christophe and Barbara, nestled in the Haute-Savoie, France. Situated at 715m above sea level, allows des Voirons to brew with fresh alpine water.

So much more than a beer. This is beverage that doesn't fit into any one category. 

Ever drunk chartreuse? Imagine a much more smashable version in beer format. Et voila! This is an absolute game changer. Aromatic, slightly bitter, and 100% original. Fermented and aged in clay vessels with 17 organically certified secrets*

*Even the small team behind La Brasserie des Voirons were not told the exact blend of plants, herbs and flowers that go into making the infamous liqueur. 

Unfined. Unfiltered. Organically Farmed. Biere de Garde.