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2020 BK 'Fantastic Man' Piquette Naturel


Piquette is the quintessential ‘something from nothing’ creation. Made by adding water to the grape marc left over after pressing to permit a second fermentation, the result is a naturally simple, lower-alcohol (~5%) wine that competes admirably in the sour beer category. Light-hearted, unfussy, refreshing and frugal… all attributes one is wise to embrace in lean, complicated times.

Fantastic Man #9 made from Grüner Veltliner and Pinot Gris is fruitier and lighter still (like truly fantastic man). Unlike standard wines, there is no long list of descriptors for piquettes. Thoroughly drink-y.

Serve cold like a sparkling wine.

Tags: Brendon Keys, Kirsty Keys, BK Estate, BK Wines, Adelaide Hills, Basket Range, South Australia