2019 Renardat-Fâche 'Bugey-Cerdon' Méthode Ancestrale Poulsard Gamay Noir


Renardat-Fâche are perhaps the most famous producers in the world of Bugey-Cerdon, a rosé sparkling wine from the tiny appellation of Bugey, France.

This particular wine has been revised somewhat since the last vintage - this year the family introduced a less-expensive, non-Vintage, all-Gamay blend intended on being fruitier, fresher and perhaps a little more simple. This vintage wine now has a higher proportion of Poulsard (Ploussard) and is made in smaller volume too. The most significant change being the increase in Poulsard, where the wine is more subtle, savoury and elegant than before. 

Stylistically this is still a demi-sec (slightly sweet) sparkling rosé, made in the traditional Bugey-Cerdon / méthode ancestrale / disgorged pet-nat style, but more savoury so perhaps a little more mature in style. 

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