2018 Ephemera Negroamaro (Blanc de Noir)


Our introduction to Ephemera wines came from when Rhen Dodd was working as assistant to Gary Mills at Jamsheed. He's since started his own label with partner Jannelle de Gabriele, working out of Yarra Valley with the majority of their fruit sourced from the organic Chalmer's Vineyard in Heathcote, North Victoria.

This is a blanc de noir, that is a white wine made from a red wine variety which is called Negroamaro, most commonly found in Italy, but here it has been organically grown at the Chalmer's Vineyard.

The fruit is received in, quickly pressed (hence no pickup in colour) to aged French oak barrels to ferment naturally on full solids (gross lees). Once through natural malolactic fermentation, it was rested for a further three months, then bottled unfiltered and unfined, and with just a small amount of sulphur dioxide added.

An incredibly unique wine; it's a saline, fresh, energetic, high acid white but with red fruit character on the palate. There's nothing else like it. Quite hard to box in, but drink as you would a dry, fresh white wine.

NB: All Ephemera 2018 wines are under crown seal (but are still wines, not sparkling).

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