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2018 Domaine Derain 'Chut.... Derain' Brut Nature Aligoté 1.5L MAGNUM


1.5L Magnum.

'Chut.... Derain' is Domaine Derain's sparkling wine made from 100% Aligoté.

The wine is made from fruit grown at the estate, where it is made in the traditional method (méthode traditionnelle à la Champagne) having spent 12 months on lees to help build palate weight and generosity before being disgorged late-2019. It's brut nature (zero-dosage, no sugar added) so dry, but still incredibly refreshing and moreish too!

Tags: Domaine Derain, Dominique Derain, Catherine Derain, Julien Altaber, Carole Schwab, Sextant, Premier Cru, 1er Cru, St-Aubin, St Aubin, Burgundy, France, Organic