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2015 Le Temps des Cerises Un Pas de Côté


Axel Prüfer was born and raised in Germany but moved to France to take up a career in winemaking in the late 90s. Located in the mountains behind Beziers, Axel produces works some of the most difficult to access (and harvest) vineyards around!

Farming organically since day one, Axel’s vineyards are a picture of health – there is wonderful biodiversity everywhere - he even uses human hair from the local hairdresser around the vineyard so wild pigs avoid his property!

 Axel harvests all fruit by hand and uses either stainless steel or fiberglass tanks for primary fermentation before moving the wines to old, large-format oak that impart no oak flavour for maturation. These are all wines of purity and he has not made one addition to his wine since his first vintage in 2003. Naturally, all wines are bottled without filtration, fining or added sulphites.

Un pas de côté is 100% Grenache, grown from a mineralic granite & quartz parcel of Axel’s vineyard, gently vinified to show light, fruitful flavours, minimal extraction and bright red fruits.

Tags: Axel Prufer, Le temps de Cerises, Grenache, Beziers, Languedoc, Roussillon, Organic, France