2014 Sébastien Riffault Auksinis Tardif


'Auksinis Tardif' is a one-off sweet wine from the 2014 vintage where one single puncheon stopped fermentation on its own accord (while remaining sweet with its residual sugar). Sébastien thought the resulting wine was delicious, balanced and harmonious, and the decision was made to bottle this one barrel exactly as it was.

Auksinis is from Sauvignon Blanc, approximately 50% botrytis-influenced and grown on silex (flint) soils. 

2014 Auksinis Tardif is a one-off bottling released late-2020. There are 12 bottles in New Zealand, we received just 4.

Tags: Sebastian Riffault, Biodynamic, Sauvignon Blanc, Sancerre, Loire, France