2019 The Earl’s Drop Méthode Cider 750ml


Methode albion cider or Sparkling Artisan Cider. Made famous by the French as champagne but discovered at least 50 years earlier by the British cider makers . This limited vintage is made by close adherence to the English masters.  Made only with our own cider apples apples ( predominantly Kingston Black) natural yeast and refermented in bottle for 2 years with Champagne yeast and a 'nutmeg' of sugar to create the fizz.

Being secondary fermented in bottle only 750ml 'champagne' bottles can be used. These are sealed with a Zork so can be recapped and the cider will remain  sparkling for several days. The pleasant marriage of old and new.

Tags: Cider, Cidre, Wairarapa, Teepee