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    Vita is a new label from talented young grower/maker/all-rounder Will Bowman. We first met Will when he was working at Millton Vineyards in Gisborne before he returned to home in Canterbury to take up a position in the vineyard and winery at Black Estate

    The name Vita is Italian for life and came about from having been to Italy with his partner Jane, where he worked with Barbaresco grower and winemaker Olek Bondonio, and also life in general, where he aims to capture the life and vitality that is inherent in the vineyards that he works with and bottle them in their most unadulterated form. Will is active in all facets of the vineyard and winery  and is especially interested in biodynamics and organic farming. He's also a dab hand in the kitchen where he and partner Jane often feature in Cuisine Magazine as part of @thenextmeal

    For this first release Will has been working solely with BioGro certified organic vineyards; Black Estate, where he is currently working, and also Greystone, where he landed his first vineyard job. Will's wines are thoughtful, elegant and delicately handled in a way that the finished wine befits the name and essence behind each of them. Click on each wine below for Will's full explanation into the thinking behind each one. 


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