Valentine's Day

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    One of the five languages of love is gift giving, so for this Valentine's day we've got something special for you and your lover, child, parent, best friend, or just yourself! 

    AUCKLAND - We have teamed up with The Caker again to bring you their heart cakes and wine, delivered to your door for Valentines! 

    #1 - Caramel Popcorn Roasted Peanut Miso Cake w/ Big Fizz - $60
    #2 - Raspberry Rose Cake (Gluten Free) w/ Pink Fizz - $70
    #3 - Matcha Strawberry Cake (Vegan) w/ Prosecco - $55

    WELLINGTON - We have teamed up with Flowers Manuela to bring you a beautiful bouquet of flowers and wine, delivered to your door for Valentines!

    #1 - Flowers Manuela Bouquet w/ Big Fizz - $60
    #2 - Flowers Manuela Bouquet w/ Pink Fizz - $70
    #3- Flowers Manuela Bouquet w/ Prosecco - $55

    All orders must be placed by Friday 11 February 8pm.

    Choose from pickup in store (Everyday Wine) or delivery. Standard 10km delivery radius limit applies. No charge for delivery.

    Choose from pickup/delivery for Sunday 13 February or Monday 14 February.

    Please note we are open 11-5pm on Sunday and 11-8pm on Monday.


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