2016 Fujimaru 'Opimmer SP' Delaware Pét Nat


Fujimaru Wineries is the project of Satoshi Fujimaru, a leading retailer and distributor of natural wine in Japan. He has two "urban wineries", one in the centre of Osaka near the old food markets, and one in a warehouse district in Tokyo. The wineries are setup with the idea being that the grapes should be sourced from as close as possible.  Just like Everyday, the wines there are sold in bottle and on tap. They also have a wine bar/restaurant above each winery too! 

Opimmer SP is a pétillant naturel from 100% Delaware, a variety of the grape species called Vitis Labrusca, most commonly found in Japan for both table grape and wine grape production.  The wine is really quite beautiful too; it's dry, pithy, lemon/lime/grapefruit citrus and with a very nice, elegant bubble too.