2020 Jauma 'Like Raindrops' Grenache


Notes from winemaker James Erskine...
Juicy, spicy, roses. Yum. Our 2016 was voted by Gourmet Traveller as Australia's top Grenache but crudely described as short living 'as the label states preservative free'. That 2016 is so youthful and we kept stock for the judges to review and learn from. This wine goes and goes. Medium bodied with plenty of fruit and life.

EW Tasting Notes:
Delicate, light, refreshing and crisp. A chilled red which can be appreciated by all. Rustic, red fruited, savory and lightly spiced. We could sit on this wine all night and never get bored. Again, the team James Erskine & Fiona Wood are proving exactly what zero/zero wines can and should be. Quality, Delicious and Uncompromising. We'll have another.