2017 Etnella 'Petrosa' Etna Rosso


Petrosa is an Etna Rosso (still red wine) made from 85% Nerello Mascalese and 15% Nerello Cappuccio. From contrada (plot) Santo Spirito, where the vines are mostly 70 years old at an elevation of 780m. Fermented in wooden vats and matured in aged French oak barriques.

Etnella is an owned and run by sole vigneron Davide Bentivegna in Sicily, Italy who farms a number of small plots on the Northeast side of Mount Etna.

Davide's plots range from 6-900m AMSL in elevation, all are planted 'alberello', that is they are individually staked bush vines which require all work to be done by hand, the vineyards are steep and terraced, meaning access is only possible by foot.

All vineyards are planted on volcanic soils, all are farmed biodynamically and all his wines are true reflections of site, with elevation and exposition being the most obvious variables between each wine. In addition to this Davide's winemaking style shies away from extraction, temperature control or the use of new oak, and often points back to tradition, always vinifying his wines in whole bunches, using only wild-fermentation and often using traditional Sicilian chestnut wood. Simply said, these wines are pure and they are true.

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