2014 Fujimaru 'Wild Vines Amphora' Yama-budo


Fujimaru Wineries is the project of Satoshi Fujimaru, a leading retailer and distributor of natural wine in Japan. He has two "urban wineries", one in the centre of Osaka near the old food markets, and one in a warehouse district in Tokyo. The wineries are setup with the idea being that the grapes should be sourced from as close as possible.  Just like Everyday, the wines there are sold in bottle and on tap. They also have a wine bar/restaurant above each winery too! 

'Wild Vines Amphora' is just that, an amphora-fermented and matured red wine made from Yama-budo, an incredibly rare species of Vitis Coignetiae which grows as a wild, untrained vine that looks more like a blackberry bush than anything else. Click here to go down that rabbithole.... In essence this is an incredibly inky, dark coloured red that's brimming with acidity. 2014 and it's showing no signs of tiring. We would suggest serving with a slight chill. Just 12 bottles of this wine imported into NZ, and there's nothing else like it.