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2020 Unkel Goodnight Moon Pinot Noir 750mL REUSABLE BOTTLE


2020 Unkel 'Goodnight Moon' Pinot Noir
100% Pinot Noir, a blend of clones (5, 777, 114 and 10/5), all matured in aged French oak. 

Deeper, darker, brambly end of the Pinot spectrum, but still made with Rob's lightness in touch. Juicy and fruity but still undeniably Pinot Noir grown on the Moutere clays. "Pinot that tastes like Pinot" you might say.

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As many of you will know, Rob and Kate Burley moved their family back to NZ from Australia right before the 2019 vintage.  It's feels almost cliché to say this, but if you thought their 2019 wines were good, Rob was only just getting started. The 2020 wines from Unkel have been grown, harvested and vinified by Rob and have seen his care and attention right from the beginning of the growing season to the very end right before bottling / kegging.

Here we have the very first 2020, all estate-grown wines from Unkel. All are everything they have been working so hard towards and everything we try to celebrate at Everyday Winme too: organic, estate-grown, hand harvested, wild fermented, unfiltered, unfined, and just bloody well made wines. It's an important distinction to make, because anecdotally the best wines in the world are always made by those who grow the fruit themselves, have a connection with the land, the consistency in fruit supply, and generally, have both vineyard and the winery in the same place too.


We are now offering our packaging-free natural wines for online delivery.

For a few months now we have been working with a different wineries up and down the country to bring you organic, natural wines straight from the winery to our store, and offer them to you on tap, packaging free. 

We fill to order, and fill into sturdy, heavy-duty 750ml swing top bottles that you can later reuse.

Bring them into 177 Cuba Street for a refill or use them for other drinks, ferments, sauces etc.

The wines are held under nitrogen and the bottles are gassed with CO2 before filling to prevent oxidation. We suggest opening the wine within 4 weeks of purchasing and consuming within 2-3 days from opening.