2017 Nora Kura 'Nora Pon Blanc'


Nora Kura Winery is based in Hakodate (Hokkaido, the Northern main island of Japan). Nora Kura produce wines from their own vineyard in Hakodate and also from organic growers in Yoichi, with emphasis on wines made of place, not varietal. They generally produce wines vinified and matured in stainless steel and concrete tanks, for want of fruit-purity, and make their wines without any added sulphites too. Stylistically these wines are beautiful, fresh and clean natural wines, and over the years have become cult, difficult to find wines in Japan. 

Nora Pon Blanc is always from Kerner, the main grape varietal grown on Hokkaido, though from time to time some Müller-Thurgau is used (this is not disclosed as part of their philosophy is not to label). Kerner is a crossing of Riesling and Trollinger, so expect lemon-lime citrus, bright acidity and a clean, lengthy, mineral finish. Just 6 bottles of this wine (of this vintage) in New Zealand.