Joé Chandellier

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    Here is one brand new to New Zealand, and brand new to the world for that matter (it's his first release!). Joé Chandellier is our most recent find from abroad, he is a young sole vigneron (grape grower & winemaker) based in Souvignargues (Cévennes part of Languedoc in the South of France). 

    Joé ("Jo-ey") worked under the guidance of Alain Allier at Domaine Mouressipe before going alone in 2019 meaning this is his very first release in his own name! We were fortunate enough to try these wines more than six months ago and immediately knew they would have a fit here in New Zealand. They are refined and incredibly well-made; he quite clearly knows what he is doing! 

    In his lineup are three wines, all reds, all blends involving Grenache, Syrah, Carigan and/or a little known Languedoc red called Aramon. These wines are plush, deep and fruitful, all the while incredible drinkable and all-too-moreish. What's more, they're great value and totally uncompromising too. 

    A quick guide:
    Alluvions - The lightest of the three, Carignan and Aramon
    Le Ribieral - Grenache and Carignan, plush and aromatic
    Aubac - Dense, dark, blue-fruited Grenache and Syrah

    3 products