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    James Erskine - Jauma ("Yao-mah")

    This is now the 7th year New Zealand has been lucky enough to have Jauma on its shelves, and it's no surprise really, granted that James Erskine (founder of Jauma), Anton van Klopper (Lucy Margaux Wines), Tom Shobbrook and Sam Hughes started the very first natural wine movement in Australia, aptly named the Natural Selection Theory, back in the late 2000's. 

    Fast forward more than a decade and James Erskine has earned a reputation for consistently making some of the best, most interesting and most delicious natural wines in Australia. 

    Working together with organic vineyard specialist Fiona Wood, the pair farm several vineyards dotted around McLaren Vale (South Australia), all with a focus on organics, biodynamics, dry farming (no irrigation), and of note, most are old (1940's) bush vines planted on mineral-abundant vineyards (most notably ironstone and schist).

    All Jauma wines are by James's definition "natural", which is to say they are organic, wild fermented, unadjusted, unfiltered, unfined (vegan) and, made without any added sulphites too. It's often difficult to pigeon-hole James's winemaking style, as he alway seems to blur that line between 'fun wine' and 'fine wine', but suffice to say these wines are as well-made and elegant as they are interesting and fun. 

    You may note all of James's wines are bottled under crown seal, whether still or sparkling. He does this as after running trials of aging his wines under cork or cap, he preferred the results - unlike cork, no oxygen ingress means slower aging - and visually he prefers these caps to screwcap. 

    For the 2021 release there are 11 new wines in bottle. This vintage sees the addition of Arneis as a standalone variety and in the 1000 Fires blend, stylistically lighter, more energetic and more pronounced acidity in the reds, and juicier, slightly more saline whites. Both pet nats are dry and with a nice, persistent fizz. 

    12 products