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2019 Mosse Moussamoussettes Pét Nat Rosé


Moussamoussettes ("Mousse-ah-moo-sett"). Domaine Mosse's (and possibly France's) most famous pét nat.Pétillant Naturel (natural sparkling) rosé of Pineau d'Aunis (mostly, and a tiny bit of Cabernet Franc and Grolleau), this wine is dry, fresh and full of red fruits. Pure refreshment, chill this one down and drink up. Only 30 cases in the whole country. Don't muck around!

Tags: Agnès Mosse, René Mosse, Sylvestre Mosse, Joseph Mosse, Domaine Mosse, 4B2F, Biodynamic, Chenin Blanc, Anjou, Loire, France, Biodynamic