2020 Patrick Sullivan Breakfast Wine 750mL w/ EW reusable bottle


'Breakfast Wine' started off as a white cuvée which Patrick named because he overlooked the vineyard every morning eating his breakfast.... now it's back as a skinzy orange/rosé that we'd both like to have every morning eating our breakfast!

Grown and made by Patrick Sullivan, 2020 Breakfast Wine is a blend of one month skin-contact, egg-fermented Sauvignon and Gewürztraminer, blended with rosé of Pinot Noir. From biodynamically grown fruit, hand harvested, wild fermented, unfiltered and unfined. 

An electric calendula - peach in colour, this wine's as generous as it is driven. Tropical, fruitful and summery on the nose. Textured and taut on the palate. 

2020 Breakfast Wine is exclusive to keg. 

Is it an orange wine or a rosé?? Yes.

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We are now offering our packaging-free natural wines for online delivery.

We work closely with wineries up and down the country to bring you organic, natural wines straight from the winery to our store, and offer them to you on tap, packaging free. 

We fill to order, and fill into sturdy, heavy-duty 750ml swing top bottles that you can later reuse. The wines are held under nitrogen and the bottles are pre-gassed before filling to prevent oxidation. We suggest opening the wine within 2-3 weeks of purchasing it and consuming the wine within 1-2 days of opening. 

Once you've finished with the bottle pop back to either one of our stores (442 K' Road, Auckland or 177 Cuba Street, Wellington) for a refill, or use the bottles for other drinks, ferments, sauces, etc!