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Everyday Mixed Six Pack


New Six Ahoy! This pack contains two new cuvées fresh off the boat from Jauma and Jérôme Jouret, Moussamoussettes because one bottle is never enough and twoshop favourites from Unkel & Jumping Juice.

Also introducing an extremely limited cider from Teepee Cider in the Wairarapa. Organic Kingston Black Apples spontaneously fermented and bottle conditioned. 

2020 Jauma 'Like Raindrops' Grenache

2019 Jérôme Jouret 'En Avant Doute' Grenache

2019 Mosse Moussamoussettes

2020 Unkel 'Rising Sun' Pinot Gris

2018 Jumpin' Juice 'Gee Dub' Fresh White

2019 The Earl’s Drop Méthode Cider 750ml

It's time - drink wine!